Want to travel the scenic back roads of Southwest Missouri to a wooded spot on a high bluff where you can sample some fine wines and experience breathtaking views of Table Rock Lake?  If so, then you may enjoy a trip to Lewsi Winery.

In March, Ken and Patty Lewis opened their winery in the woods about 25 miles west of Branson. To name the business, they transposed the last two letters of “Lewis”.  Once you get to the winery, its a five-minute wooded walk to Virgin Bluff, providing a stunning view of Anglers Bend on the James River arm of Table Rock Lake 600 feet below, with the town of Cape Fair beyond.

There you can sample nine different wines, all made from Missouri grapes.   The wooded area makes a great place to sip wine, picnic or relax.  And, a bocce ball court is yours to enjoy as well.  Depending on the time of the year, you might even see some eagles soaring in the sky above the lake.

From Branson, take Hwy. 76 West to Y Hwy (17 miles).  Turn left on Y Hwy to  Long Bend Rd (6 miles). Turn right on Long Bend to Lewsi Winery (.7 miles).  Hours of operation are Noon to 6:00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday.